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by Martin & Edwina on Blank Business Name

David has been our trusted realtor since 2012. He has represented us on both buying and selling investment properties, for a total of 4 houses, in the upper end. David has a deep understanding of the San Francisco Bay Area market. We believe his attention to detail and exceptional marketing strategies made our properties stand out from the competition and attain over the asking price every time. David is a dedicated professional who is communicative and approachable. He is a tough negotiator with a passion for making sure he delivers stellar service to his clients. We would highly recommend David Gown for your realtor needs.

by Uli Martinez on Blank Business Name

My story started 9 months ago when I put my house with 2 condominiums on the market in San Francisco. We were expecting to sell both units over the summer and sadly realized the market was pretty slow and it was not so easy to sell. After sitting on the market for 6 months, we found ourselves needing to change brokers. David came highly recommended, and since we met he has done nothing but exceed our expectations. His eye for detail, as well as his recommendations for art, furniture, etc, have been impeccable. As promised he sold both units in less than 3 weeks each, as they went on the market at different times.

I can not recommend David enough.

by Scott Pierce on Blank Business Name

David is one of the best in all aspects of real estate including the art of negotiation which may not be as appreciated by most people as it should.

First, David has been doing real estate at a high level for MANY years and his passion for real estate still drives him.

Second, his long term relationships with the other top agents in the area and his detailed knowledge of homes and sales histories are invaluable assets that very few agents have and that benefit his client’s tremendously in getting deals done and getting them done to his client’s benefit.

Watching David negotiate is a LOT of fun…that is, if he is your agent, and not the other person’s agent.

When we bought and sold our home, we did not always listen to David, but we should have every time. Because he was always right.

I guess it is his decades of experience and that he has done probably 100’s of transactions and he knows what to do better than someone who buys or sells a house once everything 5 – 10 years.

Now that David has proven himself to us, we know to listen to him and rely on him when buying or selling property.

by Ben and Anna on Blank Business Name

David was the best type of advisor we could have hoped for, as we navigated the hectic SF housing market. As a couple with one first time buyer, and one experienced buyer, David was able to guide our experience in a comfortable manner and most importantly helped us find the perfect home. With competive offers, we do believe, that because of David's connections and experience, we were able to secure the house, which has now become home. We did experience the mulitple offer secnario that is so prevalent in San Francisco, but due to David's tenacity and strength in SF and his connnecitons and expertise, we succeeded. Every realtor and industry person we met had heard of David and had more than positive things to say, which helped us get in to see the best selection of homes, many before they were on the MLS or brought to market. We highly recommend David as your agent.

by Jeanne Roccon-Rohm & Jerry Rohm on Blank Business Name

We first met David when he was representing the owners of a neighboring home. When we learned of the price he was able to achieve for them, we asked him to come by for a consultation. After a quick tour of our home, David shared he was very confident about getting us a record price per Sq Ft for Lower Pac Heights. We had spoken to a few other realtors, but ultimately decided to work with David, not only because of his consummate professionalism and depth of experience, especially with homes in our neighborhood, but also because we connected with him on a personal level. David described his plan for the sales process and we found it very appealing– he explained that he would put the word out to an exclusive network of high-end brokers to which he belonged, and then have a private showing for them, all the while dribbling out details to the public sites of the imminent listing of our home. This, he explained, would create a sense of urgency in any would-be buyers, and the likelihood of a pre-emptive offer, pre-MLS, would increase. This is EXACTLY what happened– David had one showing for the network on a Friday afternoon, and by that evening, we had our amazing offer. That’s it! EVERYTHING TRANSPIRED EXACTLY AS DAVID HAD DESCRIBED! We absolutely LOVED working with him– he was right on the money in terms of how things would unfold and the price he was able to achieve for us. Beyond that, he gave us a meticulous list of everything we needed to do in terms of disclosures and preparing the home for photographs and showings; because we were traveling, he took care of many of the details on our behalf. In all, it was a whirlwind process that unfolded with ease. WE CANNOT RECOMMEND HIM HIGHLY ENOUGH!

by Kevin Schoeler on Blank Business Name

We recently decided to buy a second home in San Francisco. After hearing and reading plenty of San Francisco real estate stories, we knew in advance that it was going to be an intense, difficult process. Not so. In a few short days David showed us some options that helped us narrow down to our preferred neighborhood. Then he found us exactly the type of home we were looking for, at the right price point. Then he closed the deal with zero drama, zero stress and perfect responsiveness. David Gowan knows his market, knows his business and is a genuine pleasure to work with. We could not offer a higher recommendation.

And again….

This is the second home that David helped us purchase in San Francisco. Once again he expertly guided us through what could otherwise be a nerve-wracking process in this highly competitive and difficult buyers market. David knows how to make it work.

by Michael Zee on Blank Business Name

“David Gowan did a phenomenal job selling my property at 2148 Pine Street in San Francisco. Other agents I met with tried to lower my expectations citing a busy street and focusing too much on relevant comps and market data. David, on the other hand, understood where I was coming from and spent most of our initial discussion emphasizing all the positives and building a wonderful story of the property. With great confidence, he did not hesitate to push the envelope to try to get the highest price for me despite whatever other objective conditions might have existed. I really felt that he was 110% on my side. Through his creativity and persuasiveness, he had buyers lined up, and we were able to sell the property in just over a week and at a price substantially over initial asking, which was already relatively on the higher end of the spectrum to begin with. Meanwhile, other similarly situated properties were being pulled after months on the market.

I can’t be happier with the results. To get an aggressive bidding war in this market is not an easy task, but I truly believe so much of it has to do with David’s experience and ability to set the right strategy to maximize the opportunity.

I enthusiastically recommend David to anyone seeking an agent, whether buyer or seller. That person can rest easy knowing that David’s experience, skill, and reputation will be working ceaselessly to get the best result. I certainly felt very reassured, especially considering we did the transaction while I was stationed overseas and extremely busy with work and travel.

I’m happy to make myself available for follow-up questions or input to anyone considering David as representation.”

by Julie Green on Blank Business Name

“David Gowan has been my agent for over 20 years(8+ properties) and has always been extremely attuned to what the San Francisco Real Estate market is at any given time, in either buying or selling you could not be in more capable and efficient hands. His sense of style is better than any I have ever seen and he is fun to work with and knows every location in the city, including the properties current and future potential, drawbacks, and value! All of this is like a second sense to him. He knows the market, you need him on your side! He is and always will be my agent, you should do yourself a favor and have him as yours!

2005 BuchananPlus 2 Pacific Heights/Cow Hollow houses, Dolores Heights Penthouse and a Sausalito View cottage”

by Nigel Carr on Blank Business Name

“David Gowan has been in real estate a long time. He loves what he does & is great at it. He listens carefully, makes excellent suggestions & encourages decisive action. He sees what a property can be, beyond how it looks. A true real estate enthusiast. Real estate is not just transactional for David, it’s personal. You’ll want him in your corner!”

by Linda Cosgrove Burr & Perry Burr on Blank Business Name

David is the consummate professional realtor. To be successful, being instinctive is crucial, as this enables enhancing each individual properties strong points. David is brilliant with tailoring his approach. He is fair, honest and puts his clients first.

He sold our home for us on Russian Hill, after giving us a thorough education on what to expect and how to maximize its value. Seeing and previewing real estate through David’s eyes is fascinating- I loved looking at houses with him, and hearing the spatial design changes he saw that were possible. Raise the living room ceiling? Extend that wall? Those are artistic and esthetic qualities that he possesses, and these benefit his clients.

We highly recommend him. He is at the top of his game, easy, gracious and extremely knowledgable.

We now reside in Marin, and I will count on David when we are in the position to sell. He knows both sides of the Bridge; our property is a 100+ year old home that can easily attract a city mentality, and he knows San Francisco. He has the ability to appreciate and connect with all aspects of architectural style, throughout the Bay Area.

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